3D with contrast enhanced ultrasound for patients with EVAR

Recent improvements in computer power have allowed 3D ultrasound to enter the vascular laboratory, with this new technology enabling real times images of the area observed.

Evar snapshot This System with contrast is capable of producing images of EVAR grafts that are equal or superior to CT. The ability to rotate the image around any axis means the EVAR graft can be assessed from any angle. The image can be enlarged so minute details can be visualised all without any loss of resolution or quality.

Importantly the 3D modality adds no extra time to the scan. The mechanical Index or thermal index on the ultrasound machine is not increased meaning the risk to the patient is identical to that of conventional 2D ultrasound.

Along with a rendered 3D image the 3D systems displays images from the scan from, a sagittal, coronal, and transverse plane. These are dynamic images not plane static 2D slices. These allow the anatomy to be observed in unprecedented detail, allowing the operator to literally peer around any area of interest, just by simply manipulating the axis tools on each image.

In addition a fifth screen records a film of the entire scan meaning the radiologist in theatre can than playback the scan, visualise exactly what the vascular scientist has seen during the scan giving further confidence in the images acquired.

This software with contrast allows even the most challenging leaks to be identified and classified and confidently rule out active leak. It can pinpoint leaks where 2D with contrast has failed and allows radiologist to plan repairs.


IVS Diagnostic

Can save 17% to 34% of the cost of setting up and running a vascular laboratory

Reduces capital expenditure

Lowers staff and administration costs

95% of inpatients investigated the same day




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